Top 5 Home Colors and Encore Azaleas that Look Great with Them

Increase your curb appeal by choosing Encore Azaleas to coordinate with the colors of your home.

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Adding curb appeal can be as simple as well-planned landscaping and home accent colors. An exact color match is not necessary. Harmonize or contrast Encore Azaleas with the main color of your home, or match a trim or accent color, such as your front door.

1. Off-White

Many Encore azaleas look good with off-white houses. Bicolor Autumn Sunburst® and Autumn Monarch™ are two that will work well.

2. Taupe

Warm colored azaleas such as Autumn Sunset™ and Autumn Coral® are spectacular when paired with grayish-brown or taupe houses.

3. Gray

Pink azaleas and white azaleas look fantastic against a gray house. Pink Autumn Empress™ and bicolor Autumn Starlite® are two great choices.

4. Brick

Brick or rust colored houses harmonize well with hot colors, or try contrasting with white. Pure white Autumn Moonlight® and fiery Autumn Bravo® are two great choices.

5. Deep Blue-Gray

Pure white Autumn Angel® and blazing Autumn Embers® will both look stunning against a deep blue-gray house.

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