Introducing 2 Stellar New Reblooming Azaleas

Two new Encore Azaleas make their debut at garden centers in spring 2021: Autumn Majesty® and Autumn Starburst™.

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Autumn Majesty® and Autumn Starburst™ join the Encore® Azalea line-up this spring.

LOXLEY, Ala. – Two new Encore® Azaleas make their debut at garden centers this spring. Autumn Majesty® and Autumn Starburst™ join the world’s most popular family of reblooming azaleas with flowers unlike anything in the collection.

The dazzling bicolor blossoms of Autumn Starburst™ feature a star-shaped coral-pink center edged in pure white. The bold blooms shine against attractive, dark green foliage.

Autumn Majesty® produces masses of petite, purple blooms throughout the season. The semi-double flowers are packed with layers of petals for a ruffled appearance. Clean foliage stays bright green all year long.

Both varieties were selected for their compact form and cold hardiness. Reaching only 3′ tall by 3′ wide, these dwarf varieties are perfect for containers, as accent plants, or massing in shrub borders. Autumn Majesty® and Autumn Starburst™ are among the more cold-hardy Encore® Azaleas, thriving in USDA Zone 6A and above.

Like all Encore® Azaleas, Autumn Majesty® and Autumn Starburst™ love the sun. Give plants four to six hours of direct sun or filtered shade for exceptional blooms spring, summer, and fall. These low-maintenance shrubs make it easy to create a garden masterpiece in your own backyard.

Visit to preview Autumn Majesty® and Autumn Starburst™ and learn more about the 33 varieties of Encore® Azaleas, offering more blooms, more often.

About Encore® Azalea

Encore® Azalea is the world’s best-selling multi-season blooming azalea. Its 33 varieties and range of sizes enliven landscapes with rich, colorful blooms in spring, summer and fall. It is sun tolerant, low maintenance and cold hardy, with most varieties being hardy through USDA Zone 6. It has an established reputation in the plant industry like no other azalea on the market. Visit to learn more.




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