3 Easy Tips for Successful Encore Azalea Planting

Here are some helpful tips to ensure successful planting of your Encore Azaleas...

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Reblooming Encore Azaleas share similar characteristics with traditional azaleas, with the exception that Encore Azaleas bloom in spring, summer and fall. Remember these 3 tips when planting your Encore Azaleas.

1.  Azaleas thrive in slightly acidic, well-drained soil that contains high amounts of decomposed organic material.

2.  Avoid heavy pruning and/or applying of fertilizer to azaleas in the fall; this may force the plant into new growth before frost approaches.

This tender new growth could get damaged when temperatures drop to below freezing.

Azaleas in Fall Blooming Cycle at the LSU AgCenter

3.  Mulch the newly planted Encore Azaleas with three inches or less of pine bark nuggets or pine needles.

Mulch will help maintain soil moisture, help control weeds and help protect the azalea roots during temperature extremes.

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