Encore® Azalea City Restoration Contest

Awarded landscape will be delivered to the San Jacinto County Courthouse today

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  Encore® Azalea Announces Winning Community in City Restoration Contest

Awarded landscape will be delivered to the San Jacinto County Courthouse today

Loxley, Alabama (March 9, 2012)—Residents of San Jacinto County will soon see revitalized landscaping in Courthouse Square, courtesy of Encore® Azalea.  Encore Azalea designed a contest where community members and leaders were given the chance to win a City Restoration for their city block, neighborhood or historic area. The contest invited entrants to submit photos, a site plan, and a short essay online explaining why their area deserved a restoration from Encore Azalea.

The winning submission is from the Master Gardeners of San Jacinto County. Gayle Erwin submitted an essay highlighting the desire to revive the landscape surrounding the San Jacinto County Courthouse, located in the county seat of Coldspring, Texas. The San Jacinto County Courthouse is seen as the “Crown Jewel” of the county and is approaching its 100th birthday, Erwin explained. The awarded plants will be delivered on Friday, March 9.

In her contest essay, Erwin wrote, “The current landscape is very tired and fragile. What more could we desire than to have Encore Azaleas blooming more than just spring and beautifying our Crown Jewel of San Jacinto County.”

“Encore Azalea is pleased to partner with the Master Gardeners of San Jacinto County to provide restoration to this historic landmark,” said Buddy Lee, inventor of Encore Azalea. “Beautiful landscape can add character and charm to any area especially one of historical significance such as the San Jacinto County Courthouse.  Involving a community in such a project provides real ownership for the project and provides educational opportunities for those involved. ”

The Master Gardeners of San Jacinto County, as well as the courthouse maintenance staff, will help with the restoration project and soon, the landscape surrounding the Courthouse will be transformed to provide a wonderful backdrop for the architecture.


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