26 Cold-Hardy Encore® Azaleas

Learn what Encore® Azalea varieties are cold hardy and what zones they work best...

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For more than 20 years, Encore Azaleas have been tested in gardens, trials, and plant nurseries across the Southeast and have proven to be low-maintenance solutions for multi-season landscape color.

University studies and extensive plantings throughout the Midwest and Northeast also show that many varieties are cold hardy through USDA zone 6.

Seventeen Encore Azalea varieties consistently exhibited solid cold hardiness through Zone 6.

In Zone 6B, 9 additional varieties consistently exhibited solid cold hardiness:

encore azalea container planting

Great for Container Gardening:

Encore Azaleas may need special care in zones colder than Zone 6A, but their multi-season blooming capability makes them ideal for container gardens.

As a base plant in a container garden, Encore Azaleas can be paired with seasonal favorites and moved inside when winter freezes threaten.

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