Falling for Azaleas: Tips for decorating with Encore Azaleas this fall

Fall is not only the best time to plant Encore Azaleas, it is also a great time to use them to decorate. Here are some suggestions.

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While mums and pumpkins may be the traditional standards for fall decor, why limit yourself?  Thanks to the long blooming season provided by Encore Azaleas, they are gorgeous from spring through fall, which makes them an ideal choice in landscapes or in containers for fall decorating. After all, each of the 33 Encore varieties have “autumn” in their names, so why not use them at that time?

The options for decorating with fall azaleas are almost endless.

Fill pots and window boxes, or mingle with other traditional fall foliage, plants and with gourds and pumpkins on a table or front porch. Clip flowers to use in arrangements and lace into wreaths and other holiday decorations. Or plant in the yard for year-round appeal.

Looking for something in the traditional fall color scheme?

Try the richly colored and deeply burnished hues of Encore’s Autumn BravoRuby or Sunset. Or consider pink, purple and coral Encores. In combination or alone, these can lend a fresh color palette to fall. Also, pure white Encores such as Autumn Angel and Autumn Moonlight are ideal for mixing in with other colors or using alone to create a serene and luminescent arrangement.

If size is a primary consideration, select one of the dwarf Encore varieties for containers, which you can keep potted year-round to use inside the house or on a porch or patio in warmer weather. However, even the intermediate Encore varieties can be purchased now as smaller, younger plants, used in containers, then transplanted into the yard next spring.

To ensure azaleas work well in containers, use a pot that provides plenty of room to put down roots and grow.

Should they outgrow the pot, simply transplant to a larger pot (here are some tips).

  • While potted azaleas are blooming, keep the soil moist, but not constantly soggy or wet, and place them in a spot that has bright but indirect light, does not get too hot or cold (around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and 45 to 50 degrees at night are ideal) and is free from strong drafts or winds that might blow off the blooms (avoid placing them near a vent, for example).
  • Once they finish blooming, move to a spot with indirect morning light and no drafts, continue to keep soil moist and give them a dose of liquid fertilizer (choose one that is specifically for azaleas and other acid-loving plants) about every two weeks until they begin to set blooms for the coming year.

Of course, Encore Azaleas are also great for the fall yard, and fall is an excellent time to plant azaleas.

Just get them in the ground several weeks before the first hard freeze (certainly before the ground freezes), water well those first few weeks before freezing temperatures set in so they can establish a strong root system, and mulch to protect the new plants from low winter temperatures.

Whatever you choose, Encore azaleas will provide you year-round pleasure and beauty.

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Encore Azalea is the best azalea you’ll ever plant. Encore Azaleas are the world’s best-selling reblooming azalea with rich, colorful blooms in spring, summer and fall. Encore Azaleas have 33 varieties of bloom colors and sizes to choose from and thrive equally well in high filtered shade or sunny locations — unlike any other azalea in the world. 

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