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Encore Azalea landscape planting
Encore Azalea pink close-up blooms

Welcoming Encore Azaleas into my West Coast Garden

Encore Azalea pink blooms

Perfect Partners: Fall Bloomers that Strut the Stage with Encore Azalea

Encore Azalea pink fall blooming landscape

It’s Football Season, and my Encore Azaleas are blooming!

Encore Azalea red blooming landscape

Brightening the No-Man’s Land Between My Neighbor’s Yard and Mine with Encore Azaleas

Encore Azalea pink blooms

What Plays Well with My Encore Azaleas?

sprinkler watering system

Wise watering helps Encore Azaleas thrive on the West Coast

gravel for soil planting

My Soil, My Encores – I amend with gravel and let the water flow

deer ate my azaleas

Frankly, deer, my Encore Azaleas are off limits

handful of dirt Encore Azalea planting

Get your West Coast Garden in Shape for Encore Azaleas

Encore Azalea blooming front yard landscape

Bi-Colored Encore Azaleas — A Designer’s Delight

Encore Azalea container porch planting

Plan Before Planting: How to create the best West Coast home for your Encore Azaleas

Encore Azalea pink blooms

Encore Azaleas to the Rescue

Encore Azalea fall pink blooms

Color Your Landscape All Year with Encore Azaleas

Encore Azalea map

Beat the Chill with Cold Hardy Encore® Azaleas

holiday decorating with Encore Azaleas

Video: Holiday Decorating with Encore Azalea

Your Front Porch is a Canvas fall

Your Front Porch is a Canvas – Fall Festive

purple blooming azalea

Oktoberfest, Halloween and Azalea Blossoms: A Typical Encore Azalea Festival Season

Encore Azalea landscape under pine trees

Encore Azaleas Under A Pine Tree Canopy

Linda Vater Encore Azalea Autumn Fire landscape design

Video: Autumn Fire Landscape Design

Encore Azalea pink and white blooms

Extend Spring With Late-Blooming Encore Azaleas

Encore Azalea pink blooming landscape

Getting the most from your Encore Azaleas on West Coast

Encore Azalea party set-up

Make it an Encore Azalea Wedding!

Encore Azalea white centerpieces

Use Encore Azaleas to Create Mini-Trio Centerpieces

Encore Azalea container planting design

Your Porch is a Canvas: Garden Design with Azalea Containers