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Encore Azalea landscape planting
holiday decorating with Encore Azaleas

Video: Holiday Decorating with Encore Azalea

Your Front Porch is a Canvas fall

Your Front Porch is a Canvas – Fall Festive

purple blooming azalea

Oktoberfest, Halloween and Azalea Blossoms: A Typical Encore Azalea Festival Season

Encore Azalea landscape under pine trees

Encore Azaleas Under A Pine Tree Canopy

Linda Vater Encore Azalea Autumn Fire landscape design

Video: Autumn Fire Landscape Design

Encore Azalea pink and white blooms

Extend Spring With Late-Blooming Encore Azaleas

Encore Azalea garden layout plan

Enhance Your Small Garden with Encore® Azaleas

handful of dirt planting

Top 5 Gardening Tips for Encore Azaleas

Linda Vater

Video: Year-Round Green and White Garden with Encore Azaleas

Encore Azalea home colors close-up

5 Home Colors & Encores that Pair Well

Encore Azalea sizes dwarf vs intermediate

10 Best Uses for Encore Azaleas by Size

subdivision house prep checklist

How Do I Improve My New Home Landscape? (Part 1)

subdivision house landscape

How Do I Improve My New Home Landscape? (Part 2)

subdivision house landscape

How Do I Improve My New Home Landscape? (Part 3)

Encore Azalea front porch blooming landscape

The 1-2-3 Approach to Color


Bug Out! Pest Resistant Encore Azalea Plant Pairings

New for 2021 Encore Azalea

2021 New Releases—Autumn Majesty & Autumn Starburst

Encore Azalea white blooms

Encore Azalea’s Four Stunning White Blooming Selections

Encore Azalea butterfly

Attract Pollinators with Encore Azaleas

companion plants collage

Top 5 Companion Plants for Encore® Azaleas

Encore Azalea porch container blooms

Container Envy: Eye-Catching Reblooming Encore Azaleas For Containers

Encore Azalea blooming fall landscape

Falling for Azaleas: Tips for Decorating

Encore Azalea and camellias collage

Create Magic in the Landscape with Azaleas & Camellias

Encore Azalea container planting

Encore® Azaleas in Containers – Helpful Ideas to Create the Best Show