Container Planting Encore Azaleas

Smaller-sized Encore Azaleas are perfect for small container gardens while larger varieties help anchor larger container plantings.

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Encore Azalea container planting

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If your patio, deck, or garden is looking bare and unfinished, add a splash of life and color by container planting different varieties of Encore Azaleas. They can be used to decorate patios and welcome visitors at entryways.

Pair with Seasonal Color

Smaller-sized Encore Azaleas are perfect for mobile container gardens while larger varieties help sustain lasting beauty wherever you place them. For added interest, pair your Encore Azaleas with other seasonal color in the form of annuals, perennials or grasses.

You also have the choice to bring your Encore Azaleas indoors  –  a much needed bonus for those living in regions where winters are too cold for outdoor azalea growth. All Encore Azaleas are beautiful additions to any landscape and when planted in containers, the benefits abound and your options are limitless.

Choose the Right Container

Part of container planting is, of course, selecting the right containers for you and your Encore Azaleas.

The size of the container should accommodate the size of the plant. You can graduate pot sizes as the plant grows or purchase containers that allow the plant to grow into full maturity. Since azalea roots are shallow, the container should measure at least 2 feet around to avoid crowded roots and stunted growth. Also, make sure containers have plenty of drainage so the plant’s roots don’t get soggy.

The container should have several  drain holes and be placed on bricks or blocks if set in an area with poor drainage. Though the soil needs to be well drained, container planting requires that you water more frequently, especially if planting in clay or terra cotta pots as they tend to absorb heat and water.

Planting and Care

As if container planting isn’t easy enough, you don’t have to dig any holes! All you have to do is mix soil with some organic compost or matter and fill the container.

It’s good to leave a two-inch space between the top of the soil line and the top of the container and then add about half an inch of mulch. If your drain holes are large enough that soil might escape, lay a light layer of newspaper at the base of the container. Water regularly to keep the soil moist (but well-drained), fertilize in spring, and — voila! You’re now growing evergreen, three-season blooming Encore Azaleas in containers around the deck, the pool, and even the sunroom.

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