How to Plant Encore Azaleas in Clay Soil

Follow these helpful tips for amending your soil for reblooming azaleas.

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digging dirt with shovel in clay soil

Many folks in the South have red clay soil.

This stuff is gooey when it is wet; but when it is dry, it becomes like concrete.

Red clay soon becomes waterlogged during rainy weather. When soil stays wet, the water can cut off the air supply to roots, as well as to microorganisms in soil that are important to your plant’s well being. Root rot or other diseases can occur.

Adding to the plant’s misery, when clay soil finally does dry out, roots struggle to spread through the hard soil. How can a poor plant survive?

Don’t give up! While you need good drainage for Encore Azaleas to survive, having red clay soil and Encores in your garden does not have to be mutually exclusive.

With a little preparation, you can grow beautiful Encore Azaleas, simply by improving the texture and drainage of your soil.

Our handy care sheet here has all the information you need for checking your soil’s drainage and for preparing the perfect bed for your Encores.

Download this Care Sheet

Encore Azalea how to plant in red clay